Get inspired by traveling with OFF! without mosquitoes

The “Get Inspired By Traveling With OFF! Without Mosquitoes” case was awarded with a special prize and the “bronze” prize at Silver Mercury 2022.

The insights of the target audience were thoroughly studied and the concept and strategy were developed for the campaign.

The consumers were offered to be inspired by traveling perfectly, like in a movie — without being distracted by annoying little things like mosquitoes.

In partnership with retail chains and the Disney company, a national promo in the style of the new adventure movie Jungle Cruise was organized. The audience of the film was exactly the same as the target audience of OFF!

One of the direct results of the campaign was the victory of OFF! in the National Brand contest based on the results of consumer voting for the best brand in the category.

Technology makes difficult to compete it In the market of blood-sucking insect repellents. The main component in most products is the same. Consumers see no difference between various brands. People buy repellents as the circumstances require, choosing them at the store shelf.

It was important not only to boost the sales of the Off! repellents during the summer season, but also to create an emotional connection between the target audience and the brand at the same time.



bronze prize, Other FMCG (non food)

special prize

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