EVIAN purity — digital campaign

EVIAN image campaign was supposed to convey the unique natural properties of water to a wide audience and inspire brand confidence.

The strategists have identified five key audiences of the campaign:
- adherents of proper nutrition,
- mothers,
- hypebeasts striving to stay at the peak of fashion,
- people who are fond of fitness,
- girls having an active interest in beauty technologies and products.

For each of the target audiences, the content relevant to its interests and consistent with the brand tone of voice was specially developed. Thus, the benefits of EVIAN water were conveyed to the maximum number of consumers, with the key properties of the product emphasized for each audience.

To support the campaign in the digital space, a precise strategy was developed and several tools were used:

- evian-purity.ru training portal,

- media banner campaign,

- targeted advertising campaign in social networks,

- posts and stories published by relevant nano- and micro-bloggers.

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